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Polyol Ester (POE) oils

Polyolester oils, or POE oils, constitute the second generation of lubricants which were developed for use with HFCs.  POE oils are excellent lubricants which are less hygroscopic than PAG variants and chemically more stable that PAG types when in the presence of water.  POE oils are intended for use in all refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

HQ POE (22 / 32 / 46 / 68 / 170 / 220)

Climalife's HQ POE range of lubricants are polyolester synthetic oils specially formulated for use in cooling compressors.  Chemically and thermally stable at both high and low temperatures, the range is available in 22, 32, 46, 68, 170 and 220 grades for refrigeration and air conditioning applications using HFCs.

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MOBIL ARCTIC EAL (22 / 22CC / 32 / 46 / 68 / 100)

Mobil's EAL Arctic Series are high performing Environmental Awareness Lubricants (EAL) which are fully synthetic and specially designed for the lubrication of refrigeration compressors and systems using ozone-friendly HFC refrigerants.  Main benefits include excellent high temperature stability, good anti-wear properties, and also well defined miscibility and P-V-T relationships with HFC refrigerants.

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EMKARATE RL (22H / 32H / 46H / 68H / 100H / 170H / 220H)

This range of Emkarate synthetic polyolester based lubricants has been formulated specifically for use in refrigeration, and air conditioning compressors using HFC refrigerants.  The range's combination of low temperature charateristics and unrivaled chemical and thermal stability make the oils suitable for use across a wide range of operating temperatures.

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CPI SOLEST (46 / 68 / 120 / 170)

CPI's Solest range is designed for the standard factory filling of air conditioning and industrial refrigeration equipment, as well as for OEM retrofitting operations.  CPI has worked with OEMs to product a range of lubricants which meet the needs of modern refrigeration systems.

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Poly-Alfa Olefin (PAO) oils

Poly Alpha Olefin oils - or PAO oils - can be described as 'mineral synthetic oils' because of their identical structure to traditional mineral oils, the only difference being that they are formulated from monomers.  PAO oils can be used in refrigeration systems working in extreme conditions, thanks to their low pour points and excellent thermal stability.


Mobil Arctic Gargoyle SHC 226E is a fully synthetic high quality lubricant especially suited to severe service in refrigeration systems with flooded type evaporators.  Formulated from wax-free synthesized hydrocarbon fluids, this oil has outstanding resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation.  Also its properties of stability make it able to perform well in service conditions that are beyond the capabilities of many other lubricants.

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PAG oils

Poly Alkylene Glycol oils - or PAG oils - were the first oils developed for use with HFC refrigerants and are perfectly miscible with these products, however they are very hygroscopic.  PAG oils are mainly used in copper-less air conditioning systems using R134a, because of their tendency to absorb water and their incompatibility with copper.  Being perfectly miscible with ammonia, PAG oils were adopted in refrigeration systems using this refrigerant.



HT/MO oils

Refrigeration equipment using ammonia often requires a specific type of oil to ensure correct operation.  We offer these two commonly used hydro-treated oils for ammonia applications.


Reflo 68A is a fully synthetic polyalphaolefin/alkyl benzene based ammonia refrigeration compressor fluid suited to a wide range of industrial refrigeration applications.  Benefits include excellent performance at low temperatures, lower oil volatility, lower solubility and superior thermal and oxidation stability.

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CPI CP-1009-68

CPI-1009-68 is a custom-blended semi-synthetic lubricant particularly suited to highly demanding harsh chemical environments, such as the conditions found in ammonia refrigeration applications.

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Alkyl Benzene oils

Alkyl Benzene oils types were the first synthetic oils to be used in the refrigeration industry.  They are thermally and chemically stable, and are perfectly miscible at low temperatures.  AB oils are recommended for use with refrigerants such as R22 and HCFC blends.  They are compatible with all traditional mineral oils which they can replace where the system malfunctions with the original lubricant.

MOBIL ZERICE S (46 / 68 / 100)

Mobil Zerice S oils are premium quality synthetic refrigeration compressor lubricants, suitable for all refrigeration compressor types, reciprocating or rotary screw types.  The Mobil S range has superior solubility with halocarbon refrigerants, helping to avoid problems of oil separation and congealing on the valve and heat transfer surfaces of the refrigeration system.  These oils also have very low pour and floc points, and their synthetic nature provides excellent chemical stability.

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Oils for CO2

As popularity for alternative refrigerants grows, Climalife have on offer oils especially compatible to work with CO2 equipment installations.



AB/PAO oils

We offer a particular oil designed by Mobil especially for applications using ammonia.


Mobil Gargoyle Arctic NH 68 is a fully synthetic lubricant especially designed for refrigeration compressors in high performance plants using ammonia as the refrigerating fluid.  This oil is formulated from wax free synthesized hydrocarbons polyalphaolefin (PAO) and synthetic Alkylbenzene base oils, demonstrating excellent resistance to thermal/oxidative degradation.

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Mineral oils

Mineral oils used for the lubrication of refrigeration compressors are mixtures of hydrocarbons without wax, especially selected for their excellent fluidity at low temperatures.  This kind of lubricant is particularly suited for use with CFC, HCFC refrigerants and ammonia.


Suniso GS oils are premium quality oils designed for use with refrigeration compressors using non-HFC refrigerants.  The oils can be used in virtually any installation regardless of compressor or evaporator temperatures, and are most suited for low temperature systems where evaporator temperatures are below -18, in residential and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

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MOBIL ARCTIC 155 / 300

Mobil Gargoyle Arctic 155 and 300 products are high performance naphthenic mineral oils primarily intended for use in refrigeration compressors.  As well as having low pour points and excellent fluidity at low temperatures, other benefits include low wax content, good chemical stability, and their suitability for both cylinders and bearings (reducing oil inventories).

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