Climalife launches refrigerant seminar events for 2013...

Jan 2012

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a series of free and informative half-day refrigerant seminars, which will take place at various locations across the country during February and March 2013.

Respected industry speakers, as well as members of the Climalife team, will be giving talks and answering questions on the following key industry topics:

*  Proposed F-Gas legislation
*  Next generation of low GWP refrigerants
*  Energy efficiency and sustainability
*  The future of R404A
*  Case studies
*  R22 final phase-out

Open to Climalife customers and associates, our seminars will take place in the following locations:

*  26th February - BRISTOL
*  12th March - WARRINGTON
*  13th March - LEEDS
*  19th March - BIRMINGHAM
*  21st March - LONDON

All delegates are required to register before attending, and can do so by contacting Laura Haim (Marketing Co-ordinator) on, or 01179 802520.

Click HERE to view the event flyer



Are you prepared for winter?

Nov 2012

With forecasters predicting wintry weather conditions on their way before the end of the month, are your customers' water/glycol systems adequately protected from freezing temperatures?

Climalife have a variety of glycol options available.  We have a selection of traditional fluids such as Friogel and Neutragel Neo, as well as a new biodegradable formula made from a renewable vegetable source (Greenway) which meets the needs of customers seeking a more environmentally-friendly option. 
(Click HERE to visit our heat transfer fluids web page)

To discuss your glycol needs and learn more about our products, call our office on 01179 802520 or email




CO₂ now available from stock

Nov 2012

We are pleased to advise that we can now offer refrigerant grade CO2 (R744) to our customers from stock.

Favoured for its low GWP, CO2 is suitable for new equipment designed to match its properties, and at present is mainly used in supermarket applications.

We took the decision to add CO2 to our portfolio to address the growing demand for alternative refrigerants, and have to date been successfully supplying it to our customers for several months.

For more information on CO2 or any other products from our range, call our office on 01179 802520.



Double celebration in order for Climalife colleagues

Nov 2012

Staff from our Bristol office, as well as colleagues from Brussels, joined to celebrate the achievements of Climalife's Mel Bridges and Peter Dinnage.

Colleagues were bidding a fond farewell to Mel, who is retiring after completing a total of 33 years of service within the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.  Mel joined IDS Refrigeration Limited in 2003, and managed the company for 7 years before handing over to current Managing Director Allan Harper, in January 2011.  We are sure that all those who know Mel will join us in wishing him a long and happy retirement.

A double celebration was in order that evening, as the event coincided with Technical Director Peter Dinnage's 25th year in service.  Colleagues were united in congratulating him on this fantastic achievement, and a thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all.


Pictured from L-R:  Alain Lelievre (Director of Dehon Service Belgium), Peter Dinnage (Technical Director of Climalife UK), Mel Bridges, Pascal Dehon (Dehon Group Director), Allan Harper (Managing Director of Climalife UK)



Duonett D7 brochure - NEW

Nov 2012

A new brochure dedicated to our specialist descaling fluid Duonett D7 is now available.

Climalife's Duonett D7 product offers a safer, non-corrosive alternative to traditional acidic descaling fluids whilst operating at the same level of effectiveness.  Producing no toxic vapours and requiring no special protective equipment to be worn by the user, Duonett presents an easy-to-use solution to the problem of scale build-up which can contribute to loss of equipment efficiency.

Click HERE to download the brochure, or call us on 01179 802520 for more information on how Duonett D7 could benefit your business.




Climalife Contact # 4 magazine - out now!

Oct 2012

The latest in Climalife's series of dedicated magazines for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration professionals is now available.

Issue #4 focuses on solutions for the future, with interviews from Dr Nacer Achaichai of Honeywell, and a special introduction from Pierre-Etienne Dehon, Chairman and CEO of Climalife.

Also featured are two informative case studies featuring Greenway and Performax LT, together with an update of current F-Gas regulation.

Click HERE to download Climalife Contact #4 - we hope you enjoy reading it!




Success at Chillventa...

Oct 2012

This year's Chillventa exhibition, the international trade show dedicated to refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, and heat pumps, took place in Nuremberg, Germany, from 9th-11th October.

Colleagues from our offices across Europe were in attendance to update visitors on all our latest technologies, and the show proved to be a busy and enjoyable event for all involved.

If you didn't get to the show but require any information from us, feel free to make contact by emailing




Renewables Roadshow 2012...

Oct 2012


Thankyou to everyone who came to visit us at this year's Renewables Roadshow events, we very much enjoyed meeting you all and we hope you enjoyed the shows.

Any information requested by our visitors will be on its way in the coming days, and do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of help in the meantime:

Telephone:  01179 802520




SolRnett - a cleaning solution for solar thermal systems with degraded heat transfer fluid

Aug 2012

Renewable energy options are becoming increasingly popular as we search for environmentally-friendly alternatives to fossil-based fuels.

Solar thermal systems in particular, are favoured for their ability to use the sun's natural light to provide power for hot water requirements.  With a lifespan of up to 30 years, it is possible to achieve a return on investment, however only if the system is kept clean and properly functioning.


A common problem associated with solar thermal systems is the degradation of the heat transfer fluid due to its prolonged exposure to high temperatures, which reduces flow and eventually causes blockages.  Climalife has brought to the market a product carefully developed with solar thermal systems in mind - SolRnett is a ready-to-use specialist cleaning product which removes degraded fluid, avoiding the need to remove and replace the equipment.

Click HERE to download our SolRnett press release - and call us today for more information.




Duonett D7 - a non-toxic and non-corrosive alternative to traditional limescale removers

Aug 2012

Climalife would like to bring to your attention a specialist product to solve the common problem of limescale build-up.  Suitable for use in boilers, heat exchangers, water pipelines and cooling towers, Duonett D7 is compatible with all commonly used materials and will effectively remove limescale, sludge and rust build-up.

(Before, and after use of Duonett D7)

Duonett D7's biodegradable non-toxic and non-corrosive formula provides a safer altnerative to other fluids with higher acidity levels, and poses less risk of skin irritation to the user.  Equally as importantly, removing build-up with a product such as Duonett D7 can help restore a system's efficiency, prolong the equipment's lifespan and also reduce energy costs.

Click HERE to view our press release.

Call us today for more information, and to find out how Duonett D7 could benefit your business.




Climalife's NEW solar thermal guidance booklet

Jul 2012

Climalife have recently released the second in their range of Guidance for Good Practice booklets - this time focusing on the use of heat transfer fluids in solar thermal applications.


The guide highlights the importance of the heat transfer fluid - a key component within the solar thermal system which is often overlooked, and offers tips to prolong the lifespan of the equipment and maximise the end-user's return on investment.

Pick up your copy of our solar thermal guidance booklet from our stand at the Renewables Roadshow events beginning in September, or if you would prefer us to post you a copy, email us:



New offices for Climalife team!

Jul 2012

Climalife have moved!  We have relocated from our old premises at Surety House, to new offices at Green Court, Kings Weston Lane, also in Avonmouth.

Please note that from Monday 2nd July, our new address will be as follows (our telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged):

IDS Refrigeration Ltd
Green Court
Kings Weston Lane
BS11 8AZ



Great result for UK team at Climalife sailing event!

Jun 2012

Climalife's annual team sailing event celebrated its 20th birthday this month, with this year's event taking place off the coast of Hyeres, in the beautiful South of France.

25 boats in total set sail, containing crews made up of staff and customers from Climalife's offices across Europe.

A fantastic time was had by all involved, and Climalife's UK team were delighted to finish in second place!

Click HERE to read more on the event.



BT chooses ISCEON® MO99 to replace R22 in precision climate control systems

Apr 2012

BT Group Plc is currently in the process of replacing the R22 currently used to protect its data centre in West London with DuPont ISCEON MO99 (R438A).

Designed to closely match the characteristics of R22 for a quick and easy replacement, ISCEON MO99 also has the added benefit of having a lower global warming potential (GWP) figure than alternative refrigerants.

The work, carried out by air conditioning service contractor Temperature Control Ltd, followed a trial project involving the retrofit of a GEA Denco close control system at the BT data centre.

DuPont ISCEON MO99 is readily available from Climalife UK.

To view the case study in its entirety compiled by Dupont, please click here.



Climalife Contact #3 magazine - out now!

Apr 2012

Climalife's latest edition of Contact magazine is now available...

Issue #3 focuses on the use of heat transfer fluids, and includes some interesting case studies detailing our customers' experiences of products such as Greenway - Climalife's new renewable and environmentally-friendly heat transfer fluid.

The issue features a Question and Answer session with Patrick Le, Manager of Heat Transfer Fluid Technical Support for the Dehon Group, as well as the usual "Dates for your diary".

Click here to download Climalife Contact #3, or alternatively email and we'll be happy to post a copy to you.



Introducing Greenway - a new sustainable solution

Mar 2012

Climalife have introduced to the market a unique, environmentally-friendly Heat Transfer Fluid, carefully designed with solar thermal, refrigeration and heat pump applications in mind.

Derived from a 100% natural and renewable source, Greenway is a biodegradable solution with no toxic ingredients.

In solar thermal applications in particular, Greenway performs better than MPG-based formulas at higher temperatures, degrading 4 times lower than traditional heat transfer fluids. Greenway is also less viscous enabling better flow and fewer blockages, and system maintenance costs are reduced through the increase in system efficiency.

Click here to download our new Greenway brochure.

Greenway is available in 20L, 200L and 1000L containers from Climalife. For more information or to speak with a representative from your area, please call 0117 980 2520 or email



New Climalife Refrigerant Card

Mar 2012

Our ever-popular Refrigerant Card has been updated for 2012.

This handy double-sided A5 laminated card is a popular quick reference guide for professionals in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

If you didn't pick up your copy at the ACR show, just email your details to and we'll post a copy to you.



Climalife keeps visitors cool at the ACR show 2012!

Mar 2012

Climalife would like to thank everyone who took the time to come and visit us at the ACR show in Birmingham earlier this month. 

We were kept busy throughout the 3 days and very much enjoyed catching up with existing friends as well having the opportunity to meet new ones and introduce them to our range of products and services.

We were kept especially busy with serving our delicious ice-cream - no doubt a highlight of the show for many!

An enjoyable and memorable time was had by all, and we look forward to following up with our new contacts in the coming weeks and months.




Dec 2011

With effect from 1st January 2012 IDS Refrigeration Ltd will change its logo to Climalife. IDS Refrigeration Ltd will remain as the legal entity but as part of the Dehon group strategy, all Climalife subsidiaries throughout the world will promote their products and services under the trademark of Climalife.

Climalife benefits from the structure of the Dehon group, a key player in performance chemistry. We will continue to meet your requirements with a range of products and services for temperature control systems, refrigerants, secondary refrigerants, heat transfer fluids, oils, cleaning chemicals, analysis, and technical advice. Innovative services developed for safety and the environment, technical and regulatory information, and high performance tools complete this comprehensive service.



Recovered Refrigerant: don't lose track of your responsibilities.

Sep 2011

In a recent article in the ACR News our Peter Dinnage looks at the markets confusion over what constitues recovered and reclaimed refrigerant.

To read the whole article, please click here.

Also discussed in the article is an update on the Hazardous waste regulations, the Environment Agency has full guidance on completion of the new waste notes and can be found here:

Environment Agency Weblink.

F-Gas Support Certification update

May 2011

F-Gas support have issued a reminder that all Interim Personnel and Company Certificates expire on 4 July 2011.

It will be an offence to continue working with an interim Personnel or interim Company Certificate after 4 July 2011. If you or your business does not currently hold one of the full Personnel Certificates listed below or a full Company Certificate by 4 July 2011 you should apply for one urgently.

To view the whole document please click here.

IDS Climalife working with Carel UK.

Nov 2010

IDS Climalife is working in partnership with CAREL on its range of electronic controls for the air conditioning market in the UK. Peter Dinnage, IDS Climalife Commercial Manager, says: "We are delighted to be working with CAREL on its range of programmable and parametric controllers, electronic expansion valves and sensors.

To read the full press release please click here.

To view the product brochures please visit our download section.

IDS Climalife at Chillventa 2010

Sep 2010

At the Recent Chillventa exhibition IDS Climalife were pleased to announce the following new products and services:

A new range of Heat Transfer Fluids, including a new product called 'Greenway' which is a product of vegetable based origin that is fully Biodegradable and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% over its lifecycle when compared to MPG. Neutragel NEO and Friogel NEO provide optimum system corrosion protection and superior heat exchange performance and are now formulated without the use of borax, making these products safer for users than many competitive products. Please click here for more information. To read more about the 'Greenway' product please visit the Climalife website by clicking here.

Climalife also launched a new toluene-free Actitest UNIPRO which enables the acidity of oil to be determined on-site within a matter of seconds and is suitable for use with mineral, alkylbenzene, polyalphaolefin and polyolester oils. Developed in house by the Dehon Group, Actitest UNIPRO has an extended shelf life of up to two years. Please click here for more information.

The new 'Climalife Catalogue' is now available in pdf format to download, either in full or by the section you want, please follow this link to the appropriate section of the Climalife Website.


DuPont launches New Refrigerants at Chillventa

Nov 2010

DuPont Refrigerants officially launched their HFO 1234yf at the recent Chillventa exhibition, it will be used as a replacement for R134a in the car AC sector. They also announced a completely new product called XP10 which is based on the same technology as HFO 1234yf but is designed to replace R134a in stationary refrigeration equipment. To read their full press release from the show, please click here.

Temper Chosen By Lidl Group

Feb 2010

LIDL in Germany & The Schwarz Group have chosen Temper as the heat transfer fluid for 4 Logistic Centres in Germany.

The Logistic centre at Paderborn with 30 000 sqm of storage, provides 70 local LIDL shops with daily deliveries . The Centre contains 1 400 sq. m of frozen food storage at - 24 °C and 4 400 sq. m of cold storage at 0-2 °C. All the refrigeration is produced by natural refrigerants, the medium temperature area uses ammonia as refrigerant and Temper-15 as the secondary coolant. The Low temperature area is a CO2 system with improved waste heat defrost. The defrost for the air coolers, equipped with double piping, is done with Temper -40 utilising the waste heat.

This concept has also be used at Kerpen, Paderborn, Freienbrink (Berlin) and Siek (Hamburg).

For more information about the heat transfer fluid Temper please go to our products section.

2010 The Ban On The Use Of Virgin R22 and other HCFC's

Jan 2010

'Happy New Year 2010'

The use of Virgin HCFCs is now illegal. Don't say you were not warned!

Many still don't realise it is illegal to use virgin product this year that they bought before the 31st December 2009.

IDS are well placed to advise on the different options available, whether it is converting systems to the different products available or using reclaimed product.

With extensive experience of the use of direct replacements in a wide range of equipment, based on experience gained from those who have already carried out conversions, IDS can advise on the most approriate option for your HCFC equipment.

IDS also offer a reclamation facility for the R22 recovered from systems that are converted or replaced, offering credit or a reclamation and/or a banking option to those using the IDS service.

For the continued supply of reprocessed R22-R this year, users will need to convert or replace equipment to generate recovered product for reclamation.

Product information can be found in the product section and conversion guidelines and case studies in the download section of this website.

Pumped Circulation System Converted to ISCEON MO29

Oct 2009

Although ISCEON MO29 (R422D) is well proven as a replacement for R22 in Direct Expansion Systems (Dx), many industry commentators have reported that these refrigerants will not work in systems with flooded evaporators.

However, IDS in conjunction with DuPont have proved that this is not the case. In 2006 a low temperature, Low Pressure Receiver system (LPR) in a cold store was succesfully converted to ISCEON MO29. In 2008 a low temperature pump circulation system on a ship and another in a cold store were succesfully converted in Holland. In June 2009 a medium temperature pumped  system in the South East of England was converted. Full details of the conversion can be found with a case study in the download section and the article that appeared in ACR Today can be found in the Articles section.

F Gas Company registration scheme operational

Jun 2009

REFCOM has signed an agreement with the Department for Environment,

Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) confirming its appointment as a mandatory F gas

company certification body for businesses operating in the stationary refrigeration,

air-conditioning and heat-pump (SRAC) sector in Great Britain.

To view the whole document please click here

For more information on registration and a link to the Refcom website please click here

Two other bodies have subsequently had approval to provide company registration.

DuPont adds ISCEON MO99 (R438A) to the ISCEON 9 Series

Apr 2009

DuPont has addeed ISCEON® MO99 (R438A) to the range of replacement refrigerants available in the UK. It is an easy to use, non-ozone depleting HFC refrigerant blend.

ISCEON® MO99 may be used in water chiller applications and has advantages over ISCEON® MO29 where the expansion valve has a fixed orifice or is closely sized to the capacity of the system.

For more information visit our product and download sections.

ACR News Item 'The R22 message is getting through at last'

Mar 2009

In the March edition of the ACR Today our Peter Dinnage looks at how the R22 phase-out is going with some encouraging news. To read the article please click here.

IDS Lightweight Cylinders a Success

Jan 2009

IDS Refrigeration launched the lightweight composite construction cylinders Frioplus® and Cubikool® last year. The cylinder, which conforms to European directive 1999/36/CE manufactured with a tough, durable, polypropylene outer casing and reduced steel content inner element has been hailed as a successful addition to the IDS Cylinder fleet.

Many of our customers are enjoying the benfits of these lightweight stackable cylinders, to find out how you too can benefit please contact us.

If you would like to see some pictures of these cylinders please click here

DuPont Launches 'Wakeup2pahseout' Website

Aug 2008

Are you prepared for the 2010 HCFC phaseout?

According to a survey conducted by DuPont recently some 65% of installations accross europe are dependant upon R22 and other HCFC's. The Wake Up 2 Phaseout website explores the legislation the risks and the options surrounding the end of virgin HCFC's.

To visit this website please click here.