Ammonia (R717)

Ammonia (NH3) is classified as a toxic and flammable refrigerant (L2 type) hence the use and transport of this product are subject to a certain number of safety requirements and regulations.

The popularity of Ammonia as a refrigerant is seeing a resurgence for new equipment in a number of applications where R22 may have been used, particularly industrial applications where containment and design parameters can be met. It is often used in conjunction with a secondary coolant or Heat transfer fluid such as a glycol. (See heat transfer fluids).

IDS Ammonia
NH3, R717

R717 is a single component non-ozone depleting refrigerant with a zero global warming potential.
It has been used as a refrigerant for over 100 years and has a good safety record despite its acute toxicity. It is generally used in large industrial applications such as food processing and storage and is often used in conjunction with a secondary coolant system.

R717 is compatible with conventional lubricants but is highly corrosive to copper, therefore it should only be used in systems specifically designed for R717 and never used for retrofitting.

Only appropriately qualified personnel should work with Ammonia systems.