Refrigerants are important fluids used in a wide range of applications that are vital to many every day aspects of our lives, yet their use in refrigeration and air conditioning applications is taken for granted by the vast majority of people.

Virtually every part of the food chain is dependent upon refrigeration, from manufacturing and processing to storage, transportation and retail. Equally the manufacture of many every day products and all important medicines and pharmaceuticals depend upon the cooling process. They also enable air conditioning to keep offices, factories, homes and cars around the world at temperatures that are comfortable.

IDS Refrigeration Limited supplies a large range of refrigerants to the UK market for use by professionals in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. These are available in a range of pack sizes from sample cylinders to bulk containers to meet all needs. Our products are available in the UK through our network of stock-points and distributors.

All refrigerants sold by IDS are to a high level of purity and use the ARI 700 specification as a minimum standard.