Founded in 1998, IDS Refrigeration Ltd originated from a joint venture between Rhodia and its European distributor, the Dehon Group. It started life trading under the name ISCEON Distribution Services, which was quickly shortened to IDS.

The company was originally based at Rhodia's site at Avonmouth, near Bristol, with a filling plant and central stocking location in South Wales. A nationwide wholesale and distribution network was developed to supply a growing refrigerants and this has continued to expand to this day.

In April 2005, Dehon, the majority partner and Europe's largest refrigerant filler and packer, purchased Rhodia's shares in IDS. The move resulted in IDS Refrigeration Ltd. becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Dehon and has strongly reinforced its presence in the UK market.

Four months later, DuPont purchased the ISCEONĀ® 9 Series refrigerant blends business from Rhodia. As a result, IDS became the leading distributor of DuPontTM ISCEONĀ® 9 Series refrigerant blends in the UK.

In 2007 Dehon decided their refrigeration, air conditioning and heating products would be marketed under the name of Climalife. As part of a global strategy for all subsiduaries to adopt the Climalife name, as from 1st January 2012 IDS now trades in the UK under the name of Climalife.

With offices in Avonmouth, Bristol, Climalife in the UK distribute a comprehensive range of refrigerants, oils and other chemical products, all backed up by a first-class team of people and an efficient logistics operation.

Climalife UK is acknowledged and well respected within the industry for its technical expertise and product support services. With over 100 years of combined relevant industry experience, our team of experts look forward to receiving your enquiry.